Different types Anxiety

Now and then we all as human beings feel anxious; it’s just a normal emotion. For instance, you might feel nervous when you are challenged with issues at your place of work, before making your mind up for a very crucial decision, before taking a test, etc.

The case of Anxiety Disorder, on the other hand, is entirely different. Anxiety Disorders are a crew of mental illnesses that bring about the distress that could hinder you from fulfilling your daily duties accurately and even make your life difficult and uninteresting.

People with Anxiety Disorders may always be worried and fearful of nothing relevant, this, of course, could be disabling. But with the treatment we offer, a lot of people will be able to manage these annoying feeling and get back to fulfilling life appropriately.

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 Types Of Anxiety Disorder

When one starts to feel stressed and irritated to the point where he or she begins to sweat, panic and feel chest aches, it is appropriate to say they are suffering from anxiety attacks. The first and foremost thing we are required to be aware of are the various types of anxiety conditions. Below we will be talking about different kinds of panic and anxiety disorders, so you get familiar with them and also recognize the particular type that special loved one of yours is passing through.

  • Panic Disorder

You could know this kind of anxiety disorder by arbitrary panic attacks that occur time to time consistently till you begin to be afraid of the next time it will happen, to the extent that you can’t be alone because you feel someone should be around you when it attacks.

  • General anxiety disorder

In summary, the victim of the general anxiety disorder is a consistent worrier. If you notice that you always and fearful that negative things are going to happen then you have general anxiety disorder, anxiety levels will soon excavate till you get to a where it distracts you from your goals and activities for the day.

Social Anxiety Disorder can have devastate consequences even Suicide

  • Social anxiety disorder

This type of anxiety makes its vulnerable victim feel low self-esteemed, humiliated every all day, and also makes them feel like people around them always underrated and overlooked them. Folks think of this situation as severe shyness buy it is the social disorder.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occurs mostly after a traumatic occurrence or experience that was life threatening. Its symptoms include being easily scared, having flashbacks, and nightmares. I Tim’s always want to avoid spots and places that remind them of the specific event.

A lot of individuals are aware of phobias and always experience them, but do not notice and realize that it is a type of anxiety. Unrealistic fear of particular activities, situations, or objects that in real life has little or no danger associated with it is known as phobias.


Most Common Phobias

  • Snakes

  • Flying

  • Fear of heights

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders are also known as OCD and take place when unneeded behaviors or thoughts slip into our heads that just cannot be controlled by your mind alone. One might suffer OCD or repeated worries like not locking the door, leaving the car keys in the car, or some other uncontrollable and wrong act during crucial times.

Signs And Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders might look different from individual to individual because they are a group of related issues instead of a single one. For instance, one victim might get real panicky at just the thought of mixing with people at a gathering while another might be terrified at even the thought of driving and another may suffer from severe anxiety attacks that hit them without a single sign or warning or experience intrusive and uncontrollable thoughts. Again someone else might live in Constant tension and get worried about nothing and everything.

But these various types of anxiety disorders have one primary symptom which is worry and severe fear in situations where a greater percentage of people will not feel in any way threatened at all. So we will be looking at some of the emotional and physical symptoms of Anxiety.

Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety

  • A lot of sweating

  • A pounding heart

  • Dizziness

  • Stomach pains

  • Headaches

  • Consistent urination or diarrhea

  • Insomnia

  • Muscle twitches or tension

  • Briefness of breath

  • Shaking or trembling


Emotional Symptoms Of Anxiety

  • Observing for signs of trouble and danger

  • Anticipation of unbelievably bad things

  • Feelings of dread or apprehension

  • Problems with focusing and concentrating on crucial things.

  • Irritability

  • Tense and jumpy feelings

  • Feeling like your thoughts have gone blank

What Connects Depression With Anxiety  Symptoms

A lot of people with anxiety disorders as well suffer from depression sometimes. Depression and anxiety are known to come from similar biological vulnerability, which makes clear why they often compliment each other. It is very critical to seek treatment, depression makes anxiety worse and vice versa, it’s wise to seek treatment for the both of them.

Self-help For Anxiety Disorders

It isn’t every one that worries so much has an Anxiety Disorder. You may tend to be anxious as a result of an overwhelming or over demanding schedule, pressure in the house and at work, denial of sleep or exercise or from too much caffeine

I think if you lead a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle, you are more vulnerable to anxiety- regardless of whether you have Anxiety Disorder or not. So in case, you feel overly worried about irrelevant stuff, take a few minutes to determine:

control anxiety questions and solutions

How great are you at looking after your self?

Do you get the emotional support you require?

Are your responsibilities too much?

Are you sure you are caring for your body?

Do you ask and search for assistance when you need it?

Do you find time to relax and have fun?

If you think your stress rates are going over the roof, some management could help significantly, there should be responsibilities you could give up, delegate to others or turn down.

Search for someone you confide in and trust if you find yourself unsupported and isolated, just discussing what worries you could go a long way to heal you.

Anxiety Tips and Control

Self Aid Tips

  • Join others. Isolation and loneliness set up the scene for anxiety. Reduce your vulnerability by meeting with supportive, sympathetic and, caring people face to face.

  • Make it an obligation to meet with pals consistently.

  • Join a self-assistance or support group.

  • Share your concerns and worries with loved ones you trust, if you are without people you can reach out to; it is never late to start friendships and support networks.

  • Practicing relaxation techniques gives a long way. When they are practiced consistently, they can diminish symptoms of anxiety and elevate feelings of emotional well being and relaxation. Examples of this techniques are

  • Deep breathing

  • Progressive muscle relaxation

  • Mindful Meditation

Get Plenty Sleep

Lack of siesta and rest generally could increase anxious thoughts and feelings, so endeavor to gram 7 to 9 hours of good sleep at night.

Workout Regularly

Workouts and exercises are natural strength boosters and relievers of anxiety. To achieve maximum results, target at least thirty minutes of aerobic exercises on a regular basis (breathing into shorter periods to make it easier). Try rhythmic activities that require the locomotion of your legs and arm regularly, e.g., running, martial arts, swimming, walking as well as dancing.

Great to Exercise and reduce Anxiety

Be smart enough to Avoid Alcohol, Nicotine, and Caffeine

If you struggle with anxiety, you want to cut your caffeine habits; I advise you stop completely for some time, the same goes for nicotine and alcohol which apparently makes anxiety even worse.

Tips to Overcome Anxiety

Lecture your brain to stay and remain calm.

Worrying tends to be a Mental habit that is breakable. Strategies like forming a worry period, learning uncertainty acceptance, challenging anxious thoughts can to a great extent diminish or reduce fear and Anxiety.


There you have it some basic stuff you needed to be aware of when it comes to Anxiety Disorder, the healing of you or your loved ones is guaranteed to be, as people I love and I have gone through all these challenges and problems, have successfully survived them it is my duty to help you claim back your world.  Together we can  ”Beat That Anxiety”.

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