Social Anxiety Disorder

How To Aid Someone With Social Anxiety Disorder

Are you looking to get rid of Social Anxiety Disorder?

Maybe you or someone you care about dearly?

If so then thank your stars because you are at the right place, in this post we will be talking about ways to help you terminate this very annoying disorder.

 Social Anxiety Disorder could be challenging to cope with for the victims of this unpleasant disorder. At the same time, it could be tough for individuals to properly understand how the person suffering from Social  Anxiety Disorder feels. Most people really want to assist the victims of this dreaded illness,  by putting a lot of effort in making situations much more comfortable.

Furthermore, to accurately comprehend how we could help the individual suffering from this problem, we need to understand exactly how this disorder works.

Social Anxiety can Insulate people and become depress

So What Exactly Is Social Anxiety?

Social Anxiety Disorder is a type of Anxiety issue. It is most times referred to as social phobia

Individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder are victims of intense shyness and are self-conscious to a fault. Now it is very normal to get nervous when you meet someone or you even asking them out on a date. But for social anxiety disorder victims, the feeling of being afraid gets too intense that they avoid the situation entirely.

Folks with this disorder have normal interactions with friends and family, but when they come across a new face, their abnormal fear sets in. Most times the outcome of this abnormal disorder is that they go into a tensed up and muted state, and starts to dodge situations or triggers that have the potential of activating these fears.

What exactly are individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder scared of?

Victims of social anxiety are most times scared of embarrassment, making mistakes, criticism and being laughed at.

Most folks are afraid of these things, and they aren’t things that people without the illness would worry about. With social phobia, the fear of these things become very intense and gets very irrational. So the victim like I said before might completely avoid scenarios that may prompt this fear.

Even though dodging those situations may feel like a relief in the beginning, but after some time it reinforces the fear and makes them more powerful. In addition to that, avoiding social situations has a great probability of letting the victims miss out on significant contacts, potential friends, and great opportunities.

And as a result of the reinforcement of the fears, the anxiety grows much stronger, and be very difficult to beat.

Social Anxiety Disorder can have devastate consequences even Suicide

Do you think you may suffer?

If there is something you think you may suffer from what is commonly referred to as a social anxiety disorder, it is recommended that you evaluate yourself and try to figure out whether to really go through this problem. The best way to deal with this is to figure out everything is to know the symptoms.

Common symptoms are a rapid heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, concentration and daily activities of many issues that have to be suspended in the absence of other symptoms of anxiety. These symptoms occur in the case of any normal person, and their presence does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from social anxiety disorder.

One of the main reasons for this blog is shared potential solutions for those disorders, my son (most important part of my Life) suffer from Social Anxiety, I need to help him and protect him, but also help others, I want to share this video that shows, how far somebody can go in deep depression just because Suffer from Social Anxiety.

Do you feel you going Crazy?

However, if these symptoms keep recurring consistently for over six months, it is time for you to take them seriously. If there are plausible explanations for their occurrence, it is fine. But if they occur without a reasonable cause or the cause is just too feeble to justify their occurrence, you might be suffering from social anxiety disorder. And this could grow serious over the time and could make you immobilized. In its more serious forms, the disorder can compel a person to stay at home for the most part of his day. He or she just might start fearing to step out due to the sheer dread of socializing.

People suffering from this disorder tend to be more likely to be lonely and depressed that can lead to drug abuse and alcoholism. Therefore, serious complications associated with social anxiety disorder. Left uncorrected consequences of the disease and if you can get more difficult. He realized that the problem is taken care of as soon as possible.

Be aware of the symptoms of the problem is half the battle won. A social anxiety disorder affects man often affects women. People suffering from this disorder have extreme anxiety about their behavior or the behavior of their supposed tendency to feel a public institution.

Helping individuals with Social Anxiety Disorder

If you desire to help that special loved one out of this traumatizing problem, Invite the person to social opportunities, tell them to go out with you to social gatherings, they may reject the first time, but if you are consistent with the request they’ll surely go with you when they eventually go with you try as much as you can to be positive and encouraging.

Do not get angry with them or show disappointment if the victim doesn’t want to come with you; it will only lead to the feeling of guilt and even reinforce the anxiety.

Friends and family are the most effective and efficient healing tools for individuals with social phobia. I said tools because just like every other tool, they could cause harm if not utilized properly. Lectures criticism and put-downs can not help the victim to be more outgoing.

It’s sure to make him, or she feels really terrible as well as lead to guilt. This might even be the primary cause of the anxiety in the first place.

Instead, the suffers family wants to recognize that the individual with anxiety is for real going through a lot of pain that they never chose deliberately.

You as the helper wants to be encouraging, open and congratulate the victim when he or she accomplishes their goals.

You are not Alone

Social anxiety disorder affects many of us, our fear or judges others is how we look or what we use. Many fear that the social situation is worse than we had become the center of attention. Another public speaking, problem or executive interviews. Then outlines the social situation is different, really different to different people. Some people thrive when they get all the attention, others shrink in the corner where they do not realize, and others suffer from social anxiety disorder. They are many ways to overcome this disorder if you want to find more about a great System that we use CLICK HERE.


Finally, I just want to let you know that unconditional love and affection is basically the key to assisting that loved one with Social Anxiety.

Do not stop showing love to that person or get angry at them for refusing to go out.

Their refusal is not a sign of rudeness, though it a time seems like it. Get to realize that they are deeply in need of help and they are suffering a terrible disorder. But the great news is that the disease is completely comfortable and curable, so assist them with all you have.

Are you a victim of social anxiety, or do you have siblings, uncles, mum, dad, etc. who suffers this disorder, you are fortunate enough to have come across this blog post because, I know techniques that could permanently cure anxiety, without boring a hole in your pocket for therapy. The technique is sure to eliminate the fear of experiencing panic and anxiety attacks, and that eventually cures the anxiety. Cheers!!

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