Panic Attack Symptoms

Of course, a racing heart is just one — if not the most prominent — of symptoms in a panic attack.  There are also more than a dozen other signs indicating you may be experiencing an attack.  They are:

–    A sense of impending death
–    Sweating
–    Shortness of Breath
–    Tightness in your throat
–    Hyperventilation
–    Faintness Trembling chills
–    Dizziness
–    Hot Flashes
–    Nausea
–    Headache
–    Chest pain
–    Abdominal cramping

Your particular experience with panic attacks may include as few as two or three of these symptoms or you may have a good number of them.

Different forms of manifestation of Anxiety

But the common denominator is that an attack begins suddenly (hence, not surprisingly the term “attack”).  You can, in fact, go from being symptom free to finding yourself in the peak of an attack in as short a time as 10 minutes.  The duration of this phenomenon varies from one individual to the next.  For some, the entire ordeal is over in as few as 30 minutes

For others, however, a panic attack may last for several hours. And in some rare instances, persons have been known to suffer with an attack for an entire day.

At the end of the attack, it’s quite natural to feel fatigued and worn out.  But more than that, most people have a heightened fear of going through another at any time. Here’s wishing you a future free from panic attacks!

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