Meditation and Anxiety

Fears are annoying. Fears produce a high level of Anxiety. Whatever fear you have, it can affect your life. If you’re afraid to fly, you’ll probably never come across Europe. If you’re afraid of swimming during hot summer days, you are missing the fun part of your summer. Maybe, your worse nightmare and greatest fear are spiders. This fear can almost literally chase some people from their home, and I have not even talked about other fears and Anxieties, such as fear of a presentation, job interview, doctor appointment, etc. To overcome your Anxiety, I will focus on the role that meditation can play in your life. 

Meditation can help with phobias and Anxiety

Conquer Fear and Anxiety

Anxiety can be a paralyzing emotion. You can walk out of fear of trouble, through fighting or stiffening reaction, but this is useful if you live in the wild, but in modern society, the flight and stiffening, does not work to confront and overcome your fear.

The fear and the flight or stiffening reaction can make you feel a tension in your body that limits you. You suddenly become dizzy, your muscles are tense, and you are not getting well from your words. Just overcoming that feeling can make it possible for you to confront your fear and never again or at least not to the extent that you have now. 

Anxiety/Fear is often caused by convictions you have gained in the past. Fear for dogs may arise because a dog sprung you during your childhood. This allows you to avoid dogs and places where they are going. In many cases, the belief is that you can only overcome fears by often being exposed to the object or situation of your anxiety. For example, fear of spiders can only be overcome by standing in a cage with bird spiders and fear of speaking for a group can only be overcome by doing it.

Meditation great Solution

Fortunately, there are more and more proofs that overcome fear does not always have to go hand in hand with a confrontation with your fear. There are several ways to overcome your fear, without having to stand in a spinning room or to force yourself to do something that you find scary. Among these treatments are:

These treatments change the way of thinking or the beliefs you have about the subject of your anxiety. Ultimately, those convictions and thoughts make sure that your fear also feels in your body. Fear begins in your mind and not the other way around.

Meditation allows you deal with the impressions you’ve ever received. The memory does not disappear, but the conviction that every dog can be dangerous. Fearing your ego is also a good thing to help to meditate. Such fears are, for example, fear of giving a presentation. Meditation allows you to grow your self-esteem, to have more self-compassion and to find out where you are.

Meditation against Anxiety

The people who regularly meditated were less affected by physical complaints in fear and could also keep their minds in better control during anxious moments. This shows immediately that training the mind is better for Fear and Anxiety than training the body. Meditation is one of the Greatest Solutions to cure Anxiety, but that will need your commitment and the right tools and equipment.

I will present on this post some of the simple tools that I use for my Meditation sessions, if you are planning to fight and defeat your Anxiety you better be prepared with the right gear like music, cushion, courses, books, etc. Meditation is a science and has to be taken very seriously. There are different types of meditation that you can use to get rid of your fear and Anxiety:

  1. Sitting meditation

When sitting meditating, you focus on your breathing and your thoughts. This seated meditation uses you to get to know your mind and body better. This allows you to train the spirit of you can apply it in a situation where fear is a threat to calm yourself.

  1. Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation can be used in several ways. You can already apply part of mindfulness meditation when sitting meditating. As a thought, you can focus on your breath, focus on your mind and the emotion you get and let him go. If you are trained in this, you can also call an anxious moment and nominate and let it go. This allows you to remain calm in real life if you are unexpectedly faced with fear because you recognize your thoughts and emotions and not lead you to the feelings your body gets. You know then that those feelings are a result of your anxious thoughts. 

  1. Guided meditation

Guided meditation is sometimes used during hypnotherapy to get rid of anxiety. In guided meditation, you can play audio, or a therapist can say something to help you get rid of your fear while meditating. A guided meditation helps you to relax completely. In some cases, music (Steven Halpern has a great collection) is also played in the background during a guided meditation. A guided meditation helps you to relax first because the talk rate is much slower than in a normal conversation.

This automatically brings you to a meditation flow. “Relax and get in a comfortable posture … Put your hands relaxed on your lap or focus your gaze at a certain point in the space you are … ..Have a deep breath through your nose … and feel how the air enters your nose … inwardly … outside … in a very natural way … As you breathe, you feel the air in your lungs … .who do your belly and chest work together to get in the air …. and bring out. ” After this introduction, mantras can be used to reduce fears.

  1. Respiratory Meditation

Each therapy session, in which multiple meditation techniques were applied and learned, was preceded and terminated with 15 minutes of breathing exercises to relax. During this meditation, you intend to shift your breath to your breathing.

  1. Mantra Meditation

With mantra meditation, you allow the sound to penetrate your body completely. It keeps your brain busy, so you do not have to worry about anything. The “uncle” sound is best known, but in this research, it was a mantra.

  1. Body scan Meditation

Through this body scan, you find that your back may be tense, in particular between the shoulder blades and then you can relax them. During the scan, you can find out that you are pinching your jaws. But you can also move every muscle and unwind consciously. Sometimes it also helps your fingers to go past your muscles. This way you can find out that you have a small unconscious frown between your eyebrows. Through the finger, you can consciously let every part of your face relax.

Prevent Stress

Prevention is always better than healing. Stress prevention can also be through meditation. Meditation teaches you to focus on it here and now. Also, meditation can prevent your mind from racing while you do not feel like it. Knowing meditation before you get stress can prevent you from experiencing all the disadvantages of stress.

Steps before and after Meditation

If you are going to meditate, you obviously want the effect. To make sure you feel your effects, you can take the following steps before meditating: You first check how you feel emotionally.

Are you calm at that moment?

Do you have all kinds of thoughts of stress?

Or are you busy with the thing you’re afraid of?

You check your physical condition. Do you have any pain or tension in your body?

How do you feel spiritually?

After the meditation exercise, you can repeat these questions to see if the difference has been made. During an anxiety attack, you can also use the learned techniques to lessen or even prevent the anxiety attack. If you notice that you develop anxiety thoughts and build up tension in your body, start breathing slowly. Then you will continue to relax in your muscles, then you take away your mind. You designate your emotions and get your breathing. You just keep breathing and relax your body.

Anxiety during Meditation

If you are meditating, the thoughts may arise that may cause stress, or you may feel anguished. This is more common in people who just start meditating. Meditation can bring up all kinds of emotions that are in your subconscious mind.

This is a nasty feeling, and the temptation is then great to stop meditating. Instead, try to continue. Name the fear you have, name what you are terrified of and focus on your breathing again. What you can do during such breathing is that you breathe your love and acceptance in every breath and exhale the fear at every exhalation. If you do not go the way, you want you can always stop. Exist many options on the market to practice Meditation, but for me the best option so far, its Live and Dare Course, if you feel you need guidelines in your Meditation, go ahead and check this Course, Best of Luck!!

Meditation is a great Solution for Anxiety

The other side of Anxiety and Fear

A little fear is not bad at all. Just imagine what would happen if nobody had any fear at all. Not everybody can become a stuntman, and the natural selection might go a lot faster, but in the end, fear is also a good emotion to keep you safe. Therefore, always consider whether your fear is relevant or not for your survival. In case of unnecessary fear and Anxiety, you can always apply meditation to get away from it.

Meditation is also one of the best ways to solve anxiety and stress for the long term. If you have tried the exercise, I’d like to hear how you experienced it and whether it helped you.

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