10 Quick Tips about How to Help Someone with Anxiety

Anxiety can affect the life of the person who is suffering and this makes it completely difficult to carry out their normal day to day activities as is expected of them. The family members and close friends also find themselves being affected in one way or another owing to the suffering of the sufferer. Those who are suffering from anxiety are known as the affected while those that are close friends or family members of the affected are known as the affected. The sufferers are either affected physically, psychologically, emotionally or even spiritually. Some of the signs of anxiety may not be seen physically but that does not mean they do not exist. Anxiety attack causes a dramatic change in the way sufferer lives their lives.

Anxiety may affect the nervous system and other systems in the body and can, therefore, mean the difference between life and death. It is not easy to understand anxiety if you have not experienced it firsthand. Sufferers of the condition also find it difficult to understand what is going on with their bodies. There following are guidelines on how to help someone with anxiety and depression;

1.    Reassure them anxiety does not mean they are mentally inferior or deficient

It is hard enough when dealing with anxiety or panic attack so you should not keep reminding them about their condition which will make them feel bad about themselves. Instead, show that you are together with them in this fight and that if they take their medication and follow treatment to the later, then they are going to make a full recovery. This will give them a reason to keep on fighting in order to resume their normal functioning.

2.    Anxiety isn’t anything one can just snap out of

Anxiety or anxiety attack is behavioral therefore it will take a lot of reconditioning in order to deal with the condition. It is not something that they will outgrow like they do clothes. You can help someone with anxiety attack by encouraging them to visit a qualified person who has dealt with this types of situations before. That is the only way they make a full recovery from their condition.

3.    Reassure them they are going to be okay

Having an anxiety attack causes some of the strongest emotions to the sufferer. Their mind is all over and they find it hard to calm down. Anxiety on its own cannot cause the sufferer to feel helpless like they are going to lose their minds or even death. The best thing you can do is be there for them and assure them everything is going to be okay which will help them calm down.

4.    Lead by example and keep calm and help calm the sufferer

The main cause of anxiety is fear. When fear kicks in, the body responds in two ways; either fight or flight. This fear causes changes in the body to deal with this fear. The response can be too overwhelming for some individuals. The best cure for fear is trying to calm down. This is however not easy to achieve. Encourage them to take deep breaths as many times as possible as this is a good way to reduce the pace of the heart and sends more oxygen to the brain.

5.    Encourage them to do something about their anxiety

The best way to deal with anxiety or anxiety attack is to seek professional help. As I stated earlier, anxiety is not something that will resolve itself just like that. Visiting a Psychiatrist who will walk you through to understand the origin of your anxiety as well as help you on how to deal with it is highly recommended.

6.    Support their decision to get professional help

Therapy especially when it comes to matters to do with mental health has been painted in bad light. The sufferer can hesitate to find a professional because they do not want to be judged. That is where you should come in to encourage them visiting a therapist is not a bad thing but the first step for them to fully recover.

how to help someone with depression and anxiety

7.    Be there for them

It is often said that you discover who your true friends really are not during your good times but when you are low. Be patient with them as they make small strides towards their recovery. It can also help to attend some therapy sessions with them. You do not have to enter the therapy room, just go with them and be there to accompany them home.

8.    Be patient

Those who are suffering from anxiety or anxiety attacks normally replay the same events in their minds over and over again and it may seem like they are not having any improvements. It is therefore important to understand and give them adequate time to make a full recovery.

9.    Research about anxiety and get as much information as possible

Doing numerous research on anxiety disorder is a good way to try and get in the shoes of the sufferer. It will provide tips on how you can help them calm down, practices you can do to help them and how to help them cope for the long run. There is a lot of information available on the internet. Just go ahead and surf.

10. In case of depression, it helps to take away suicide thoughts

Anxiety disorder can take a serious toll on some individuals more than others. Some have battled with it for years and when they have tried all possible solutions and it seems it is not working the only thing they can contemplate is suicide. You can help by getting them to talk about how they feel. It is often said that a problem shared is a problem half solved. Also get them good professional help if these thoughts persist.

how to help someone with anxiety and depression

In conclusion, anxiety and anxiety attacks affect the sufferer in many areas including psychologically, economically, physically and even spiritually making it hard to function normally. The condition not only affects the sufferer but also those who are close to him including family, friends and even colleagues. It is therefore important that they know how they can be able to help the sufferer make a recovery from their condition.

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