What is it?

This is the fear of blood. It is categorized in some publications as “blood-injection-injury”. Needle phobia is also included when you talk about Hemophobia. It is a unique kind of phobia that exhibits some symptoms that are not found in other types of phobias. It is not a common fear. However, the sufferer experiences extreme effects like fainting and even going into hysterics when they see blood. Blood is not something that we get to see regularly so it is easy to control its effects on the sufferer. During an injury or accident, it is almost inevitable to miss the sight of blood. It is therefore important to mitigate the effects of homophobia especially the fainting bit because it can lead to death when one hits their heads or spine against a hard surface or live with consequences of paralysis.

Causes of homophobia

  • The most common cause is development as a person is growing up when they face trauma. If for example, you witnessed a person suffer trauma as a young person, this could lead to long-term consequences and consequently, you begin to fear the sight of blood called social learning. It could also be caused by a past memory that a person went through personally.

accident-blue car_trauma

  • Repression causes which can stem from something that you watched happen to someone else which actually leaves you scarred. This is normally triggered when you see something that caused such an experience. For example, when you see a blue car that caused an accident where someone was badly injured, you start associating red cars with danger.

  • Social conditioning is also a repressive cause. When a child is constantly told that blood is something we should be scared of, then they will grow up with such assumptions and this will affect them even in their adulthood.

  • Hemophobia could also be caused due to a predisposition of certain genes. These are based on studies that were conducted which seemed to show that children raised in the same environment could end up having the fear of blood. These studies, however, have not been completely proven.


  • The fear of medicine, needles, doctors, hospitals, injury, and injections are also caused.

  • Past traumatic events.

  • Pre-existing fear of germs called Mysophobia.

Signs and symptoms

Testing hemophobia

  • The testing cannot be done by taking lab tests. It can be diagnosed by interacting and talking with the sufferer one on one. There are specific clinical tests catered to diagnose homophobia.The criteria used to diagnose the condition is already set by the American psychiatrist Association.

Diagnostic bipolar disorder


Treatment is done the same other common phobias are dealt with. It is recommended you visit qualified personnel to help with the treatment to evaluate you and help come up with the best mode of treatment. Self-medication may seem like the best option but you may end up going through treatment for a long period of time without major improvements. The treatment the specialist chooses is dependent on a couple of facts including how long you have had the phobia, the cause, and the extent. I have included some of the common modes of treatment below.

  • Anti-anxiety drugs– these are helpful in helping to reduce anxiety and discomfort caused by the sight of blood. They may also help to prevent fainting from the site of blood. They are effective and recommended to be used only for the short-term. They can lead to addiction, side effects and are also expensive.

Medication treatment for Bipolar Disorder

  • Visiting a therapist– this is the method I would recommend for anyone who wants to deal with homophobia for good. It may take time but it will be all worth it in the end. They will take you through the beginning to establish the cause of the phobia and help to reverse some of the side-effects of the phobia. The therapist will help you in deciding which mode or combination of treatments will best work for you. It is important you go to all through all sessions in order to make a complete recovery.

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy this works by helping to identify the role that our thoughts have on the phobia. The sufferer learns how to control what they think of and reducing overthinking such as blood can contain AIDS and so on and replace it with positive thoughts such as “ blood is a good thing because, without it, we will not be alive”. It will help to change the negative thoughts you may have on blood by replacing them with more positive thoughts and this are steps into your healing. This method of treatment is accompanied by other activities such as practicing good breathing techniques. It is a long and tedious process and only those who practice patience will go through the whole treatment process.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Psychotherapy– we can trace the root of this kind of treatment to Freud. It works by observing the ID, ego, and super-ego that have contributed to our growth since childhood. It is conducted by many sessions of talking with the patient in order to establish memories that are the cause of the fear. It is enlightening and can be an effective method to use for some while for some, they cannot manage to follow the tedious process

  • Applied tension– all the other modes of treatment that we have discussed above aim at identifying the cause, dealing with symptoms and the main causes. Applied tension is used to manage symptoms such as anxiety and even fainting. It is done by applying tension to the muscles to raise the blood pressure and prevents drops caused by hemophobia


People with other fears are also at a higher rate of suffering from homophobia. In case you notice one of your family members suffering from other types of fears, it is recommended you take them to a psychiatrist as soon as possible. It is often said that treatment is the best cure. Instead of waiting for damage to be done some of which cannot be mitigated easily, it is better to prevent the hemophobia from affecting your own members. For those already living with the condition, no need to worry. There are a lot of treatments available. Do not be afraid to seek treatment from a qualified person.

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