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Exercise helps individuals improve and prevent several health challenges, including arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure. I am strong believer that all illnesses, diseases, sickness or whatever you want to call them; that people suffer, comes from your way of thinking (from your mind), and I personally suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure and in addition to that I add to my repertoire Anxiety and I knew that if I did not find the way to keep it under control, even Stop completely…things will become worse for me.

Research on exercise and anxiety depression shows that the physical and psychological advantages of exercise are that it helps to improve mood and reduce anxiety. And that is exactly what it happens to me, that is Why I want to show you what I did and if you feel this is for you, just give it a try…it Feels Great!!

Exercise can liberate Anxiety

The links between depression, exercise and anxiety aren’t clear completely — but working out regularly will certainly ease symptoms of depression or anxiety and make people feel their best.

Exercise can also help keep depression and anxiety from coming back immediately an individual starts feeling better again. For me works perfectly, with this simple solution that I want to show I was able to keep Anxiety on a Leash.

How can exercise help anxiety and depression?

The following ways are the ways regular exercises help keep ease and keep depression at bay:

  • Exercise helps release brain chemicals – that can ease anxiety (neurotransmitters, endocannabinoids, and endorphins)

  • Exercise helps reduce immune system chemicals –these chemicals can make depression intense

  • Exercise helps increase body temperature –which can have soothing effects.

Constant exercise has several emotional and psychological benefits, as well. It can help people:

  • Gain confidence

  • Take their minds off worries.

However, there are some types of exercises that can have swift effects if done or carried out properly. These exercises are ideal and are the best when it comes to complete eradication of depression and anxiety. For me, Yoga and Meditation weren’t something that I could see myself doing, even my thought process was that Yoga and Meditation were for a specific type of person…Now I can see how WRONG I was… Yoga and Meditation, can do miracles and let me tell you on front, they are not Easy, but if you really want to GET RID OF ANXIETY, please give it a TRY, but this will demand: Commitment, Time and Work, from YOU, but if you do it, you definitive will see drastic changes.

Yoga and meditation magic solution for Anxiety



The only way to dismiss Anxiety is if you take control of your mind and your body, and with the combination of those two incredible tools: Yoga and Meditation you will be able to make that possible.

Yoga and meditation when rehearsed together reinforce the mind body association, enhancing general wellness and prosperity. Go ahead and take Control of your Life, don’t let Anxiety do it.

As I mention before, research on exercise and anxiety depression shows that the physical and psychological advantages of exercise are that it helps to improve mood and reduce anxiety, then besides Yoga and Nutrition I was looking for a Simple but very Effective way to do exercise, that will allow me to reduce some weight, keep me in better shape and more than anything else keep my mind Busy in other things…things that will distract my Anxiety thoughts…I hate them…

Then looking and searching for a Solution, I found a tiny equipment, that I can storage easily (I didn’t want to get in Like my own Personal trainer trouble with my wife), but besides that, I was looking for something that can be really effective…and honestly I was thinking on go to the gym, but time and money, was not there, then I found my Personal Trainer…Yeah!! in my mind that was my personal Trainer like I am working out with Jillian Michaels, I found my:


And I can tell you, when you have anxiety or depression, exercise often seems like the last thing you want to do, and I complete Get it, happen to me and maybe happen to you too, but once you get motivated, and you know that you have the Answer to Help you Stop Anxiety, exercise can make a big difference. Go ahead and start changing your Life, Right Now!!

Great to Exercise and reduce Anxiety


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