Bipolar Disorder In Women

What is a Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorders are simply any of the multiple psychological disorders of the mood usually characterized by mania and depression; it’s also known as manic depressive illness or manic depression.

Like I said above in the definition, Bipolar disorder is most times referred to as manic depression. It could cause sudden mood swings from extreme highs to extreme lows and vice versa lasting for months or weeks.

The reason for this disturbing disorder is unclear, but hereditary and genetic factors tend to play a paramount role in Bipolar Disorder In Women and men as well. The triggers of this disease include a family history of the condition, drug, and alcohol abuse as well as vigorous stress or traumatic life events.

In the United States of America, bipolar disorder affects around 2.6 percent of the adult population. Women and men are evenly likely to possess it, but it affects them in various forms so that the treatments might differ.

Untreated or mistreated bipolar disorder could hit any aspect of life, subsequently leading to serious issues at school or work as well as damage your relationship.

Bipolar Disorder In Women

Hormonal events play a huge role in triggering Bipolar Disorder In Women, The probability of getting depressed is a Generalized Anxiety Disorderlot higher in women with bipolar disorder than with men with the condition. Contrasted with men, ladies are more likely to experience:

  • Depressive episodes
  • Bipolar II Disorder
  • Mixed episodes, in which lows and highs happen at the same time, as part of a rapid sequence or same episode.


The Differences Between Women And and Men with Bipolar Disorder

The following are the differences between the Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder In Women as well as in men.

  • Types Of Episodes

Female victims experience more frequent depressive episodes, mixed episodes, and fewer manic episodes than the male victims.

Depression is the dominant characteristic in Women with the disorder, both at the beginning and the ongoing, while the manic episode is much more common among men. Furthermore, these dissimilarities may alter the treatment method for each sex.

  • Age

Bipolar disorder typically appears at the age of 25, and most times develops later in ladies than guys.

  • Type of Bipolar disorder

Ladies are most likely to be hit by bipolar II disorder. This is not very similar to bipolar I, in the sense that the victim has lows and highs. While in bipolar I the highs reach the point of mania, in bipolar II they don’t. However, Bipolar II features; A milder kind of mania that is marked with hyperactivity and elation.

Furthermore, rapid cycling is very common among women than men. What exactly is rapid cycling?  Rapid cycling is simply the reoccurrence of 4 or more mood episodes within twelve months, interchanging between depression and hypomania.

Discovery was made via research, it then suggested that these in similarities between Women With Bipolar disorder and Men With Bipolar Disorder could be linked to hypothyroidism or abnormal thyroid levels. However, imbalanced thyroid levels have been shown to be very much more prevalent in Women than in men.

Bipolar Disorder In Women

Simultaneous conditions

  • Studies via research showed that Mental Health Problems such as panic disorders, anxiety, migraines, and obesity are common amongst Women With Bipolar Disorder.
  • Weight changes, eating disorders, insomnia and appetite changes are very much apparent to occur to women during sessions of depression than they are in guys.
  • Males are at risk of generating behavioral issues and not being able to eloquently hold or finish a conversation or an important discussion while in the session of Bipolar Disorder.
  • Guys have been known to possess greater rates of substance abuse, alcohol abuse and the addiction to gambling much more than ladies. They might also develop conduct disorder.

Sad right? But have no worries because you are in the right place, you or your loved one’s mental health is guaranteed to get fixed and become one hundred percent healthier, but you have to put in allot of dedication and effort.

  • Sleeping

We all know that men and women sleep differently, and sleep issues are prevalent or common amongst individuals with Bipolar Disorder.

Bipolar disorder and poor quality sleep will make each other much worse and traumatic.

Any type of Anxiety if it's not treat it can progress to worse disorders

Treatments For Women With Bipolar Disorder

I have great news for you because I care for you a lot as victims of these disturbing disorders. I have been there I perfectly understand what it feels like and the two people I love most in the world were also victims, but we successfully overcame. So keep reading the article and know some beneficial points I’m going to be sharing with you, we will be discussing some great recommendations for treatments for Bipolar Disorder, and they are as followed:

  • Use mood stabilizers that work by controlling hypomanic or manic episodesAntipsychotic drugs Bipolar Disorder
  • Once in awhile use antidepressants to control depression episodes
  • Don’t hesitate to combine antipsychotics with mood stabilizers if other treatments seemed not to work for you
  • Use Mood stabilizers combined with Antipsychotics when other treatments seem futile.

Note: Be sure to contact your physician before using these treatments, to avoiding overdosing using wrong meds at the right time.

A combined list of antipsychotic- antidepressant medications to handle depression episodes in bipolar I disorder

Anti anxiety medications to improve sleep and diminish anxiety

Learning about feelings, mood, attending Talking therapies, Psychotherapy, learning about Behaviors, and Thoughts.( Google could help a great extent with that.)

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), this is referred to the process of passing electrical currents through the brain to aid in curing severe depression or mania.

Remember that birth control pills or medications will not be effective if taken with bipolar-disorder medications.Stressor or trigger Having a Baby Anxiety

Serious consideration is needed regarding the treatment option while breastfeeding or when planning or carrying a pregnancy, with the view of reducing risks of congenital abnormalities, and drugs passing through the breast of the patient to her precious bundle of joy.

Every affected lady of child bearing age should be careful while handling bipolar-disorder After Or During pregnancy.

Differences in symptoms between men and women

What Are The Signs Of Being Bipolar, Some of the symptoms of bipolar disorder are quite similar in men and women alike, while the rest may be gender or sex specific. So let’s get back to the question of “What Are The Signs Of Being Bipolar.” Below I will be sharing with you some signs and symptoms of being bipolar in females as well as males.

Some Bipolar Disorder Symptoms In Males and females include ;

  • Ladies with the Bipolar-disorder are more prone to experience depression than mania.
  • Irritated or High mood
  • Elevated energy and greater goal driven activity
  • Greater grandiosity or self-esteem
  • Poor sleep
  • A lot more outspoken than usual
  • Hasty speech flow and inflow of racing thoughts and ideas
  • They’ll get distracted easily.
  • The impulse to have risky pleasures like over shopping or inappropriate sex, without minding the aftermath consequences.

Typical Bipolar Disorder Symptoms In Males and females includes an intense form of feeling down or low. Some victims may also lose interest in eating while others may not be interested in carrying out daily routines and activities.

Other signs of depression would be difficulty in concentrating, and feeling guilty for no just cause, some individuals might also have difficulty in sleeping, or they may wake up unnecessarily very early.

The way the episodes of mania and depression varies between individuals. Some may have only depressive symptoms, while another experiences more mania.

Discovery due to intense research has being made and suggests that Women With Bipolar Disorder are most likely to have mainly depression episodes. Guys are more apt to go through a mixed state of mania and depression simultaneously.

Based on the latest edition of Statistical And Diagnostic Manual Of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association, a female with Bipolar Disorder II is prone to alternate between episodes rapidly.

Also, note that Women With Bipolar Disorder are more likely to have a greater lifetime risk of alcohol addiction and a higher rate of eating disorders.

Bipolar Disorder in women and depression

Suicidal risks in Women With Bipolar Disorder

A post was published some time ago, and it reviewed the dangers of attempted suicide in individuals with bipolar disorder.  The authors discovered and shared the differences between women and men with the condition. A predictor of suicidal risk in guys was drug abuse.

Whiles ladies predictors differed. They included:

  • Psychiatric issues beginning earlier in life.
  • Having social problems.
  • Mixed episodes or displaying symptoms of mania and depression simultaneously over a lifetime.
  • A personality disorder plus the bipolar disorder.
  • Having social problems.

A review of the proof that was published in an Indian Journal of Psychiatry in 2015 stated that women with bipolar disorder tried suicide most often than men with the same condition, about three to two times more frequently than men in the general population

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