Bipolar Disorder Test

Welcome to your Bipolar Disorder Test

living bipolar disorder

Please read each statement and select which indicates how much the statement applied to you. There are no right or wrong answers. Do not spend too much time on anyone statement. This assessment is not intended to be a diagnosis. If you are concerned about your results in any way, please speak with a qualified health professional


Feel more confident and capable
See things in a new and exciting light
Feel very creative with lots of ideas and plans
Become over involved in new plans & projects
Become totally confident that everything you’ll do will succeed
Feel that things are very vivid & crystal clear
Spend, or wish to spend, significant amounts of money
Find that your thoughts race
Notice lots of coincidences occurring
Note that your senses are heightened and your emotions are intensified
Work harder, being much more motivated
Feel one with the world and nature
Believe that things possess a ‘special meaning’
Say quite outrageous things
Feel ‘high as a kite’, elated, ecstatic and ‘the best ever’
Feel irritated
Feel quite carefree, not worried about anything
Have much-increased interest in sex (whether thoughts and/or actions)
Feel very impatient with people
Laugh more and find lots of things more humorous
Read special significance into things
Talk over people
Have quite mystical experiences
Do fairly outrageous things
Sleepless and not feel tired
Feel angry

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