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Hey there dear readers, I am Robert and welcome to my blog Beating My Anxiety. I want to share with you a little about me, my family and why I decided to create this blog.

I have been married for eighteen years, and I have been blessed with a son (the greatest thing that happened to me), I remember very vividly as if it was yesterday when I got married to my beloved wife and my first and foremost experience with panic attacks and phobia.

Beating my Anxiety Founder

On our honeymoon, I decided to take my wife to the beautiful city of New York as a honeymoon gift, to get to New York we had to travel by air as the proximity to the city of New York from where we lived was not drivable, for me, flight was just a regular thing, but when my wife and I entered into the plane, she seemed to be okay and healthy until she had to sit down in the plane.

It started very suddenly, she began acting nervous, and she began sweating profusely, it was confusing to me because I have not seen her or anybody act this way ever, I could not understand what was happening to my precious wife and it was evident that she wasn’t having fun so instead of this being a great honeymoon it became a very horrible moon.

Time To Grow My Family

Well, like all phases of life that one passed and we got back to our regular daily lives. Subsequently, I didn’t notice her in such bad shape as she was when we were on the plane, maybe sometimes when she becomes a little nervous, but that’s entirely reasonable as she is the mildly nervous type. To tell the Truth, I didn’t even want to see her the way she was when we boarded the plane, so I tried hard not to notice

All I focused on was making my marriage work and in the process enjoying it, then the best thing happened she got pregnant, and we were going to have a son, and this was the most special time in our lives and marriage.

Subsequently, when my son was born, I began to see more and more symptoms in my wife.

She was always anxious and nervous, but then again as a result of my ignorance I felt that it was just her being a worried mom, but now that I know what I know, she was apparently suffering from huge anxiety attacks (even Panic Attacks sometimes).

Anxiety word

When our precious kid fell sick with the slightest cold, she would lose it and start to react like she did when we were on board the plane, then at that point, I started becoming convinced that she was not just a worrisome mom, and I started worrying about her situation and state of mind.

So I started seeing a different pattern, it was off and on, but then again time passed, and our everyday activities began to take away our time, and our minds just wanted to ignore reality and what was right in front of your eyes. Now that I am aware of some things, I feel really sorry that I couldn’t help her out when she needed it.

Time flew, and when our kid turned four years old we made up our minds (family) to go to the USA to chase our big dreams and live the American Dream, and in the process give our precious son the best future possible and same goes for my wife. At this point, I was not as ignorant as I used to be, I knew a few things about her situation and reactions, I was aware that she was going through a lot of anxiety and stress as a result of all that change we were going through, but life went on no matter what and we had to keep moving forward, Right?

The Difficult Stage In Our Lives

Then our son started going to school, and everything seemed perfectly normal, my wife stayed at home to give my son attention while I started my own company (Landscaping Business) and life went on with ups and downs just like any other normal family. Suddenly, a day came, my wife came to me and said there was something wrong with our son (at that time he was six years old), and that he wouldn’t be able to make it to school on that day because he developed some strange reactions.

I said to my wife that it was only a minor issue and that in fact, it was entirely reasonable, and the cause for the reaction was as a result of the changes that he was going through with us, she then said since I was not going to believe her, I would take him to school myself and see for myself what she was talking about.

Well, I agreed to take him to school, and I still remember very vividly like it was yesterday it all happened and it hurts a lot. When we got into the school the transformation began to take place at the parking area; I could clearly see that it wasn’t my son anymore and that he had changed drastically.

At the entrance of the school, a teacher was waiting for us, and his order was to take my precious kid to the principals’ office (like a kid that’s done something wrong in class.. And it really hurt me). I was then asked to stay in a particular room while he remained in another, I still hear his voice in my head right now as he screamed on top of his voice, saying, PLEASE DAD, DON’T LEAVE ME HERE, I LOVE YOU, DON’T DO THIS TO ME. If you are a mom or dad, then you will understand what I mean, when I say this was the worst time in my life.

I was in the other room carefully trying to listen to my son, but he stopped yelling and I I was confused because I had no idea what was happening or what has happened to him, I peeped through the window, and there was my kid with two teachers one on each side of my six-year-old bundle of joy dragging him to the classroom, and that was it, I had it reach its limit, and I took my son away and never returned to that school.

I worked a little harder and sent him to a private school, and behold I got my son back, no more strange behavior or nothing like that and when I realized that the phase was over I was overjoyed and registered it as the second happiest moment of my whole life.

A Better Understanding Of What Was Happening

Life never stopped, it only kept moving, for me, everything was fixed, and everything was back to normal. But I added a new habit to  my daily routine which was researching; I studied really hard because I wanted to understand what happened to my son, I went on Google and read a whole lot about SAD-Separation Anxiety Disorder, Anxiety, Panic Attack, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, etc. and then I discovered and understood perfectly what happened to my son and my wife, I got to know some things, but I didn’t get the big picture yet.

Different forms of manifestation of Anxiety

I had a lot of people that were very close to me and that I really loved and cared about suffering those terrible disorders, and I felt very selfish and careless that I didn’t do enough or I was just ignoring the problems when they could actually be solved if I put in more work.

Well that time passed as usual, and as time passed things started getting better in my company, I kept working even harder, and then after five years of backbreaking work, things were magnificent, and it seemed the hard work paid off a great deal, I witnessed the American Drama come to life, I was living the life, and it felt mighty impressive.

Well along the line I made a big mistake I  let my emotions, my ego to be exact take all the control, I then became very arrogant, I felt like the super man and thought that I could do everything single thing, and like I was supremely knowledgeable than everyone,  So I couldn’t listen to or learn from anyone.

I figured I had everything figured out and I was sure about myself so without any advice from anyone, not even my wife; I sold the Golden Goose, my fat, and flourishing company, with the thought that I was going to start a new adventure and that it was a smart move.

superman Anxiety Disorder

Well it was a Gigantic mistake , I used the proceeds to start a business and struggled for one year, not only with the business but more importantly with my Emotional, arrogant, Superman state of mind, I made another decision to close the new business, and this lead me straight to the point of declaring bankruptcy, this experience left me shattered and scattered and left me hurt both financially and emotionally. Basically, I was empty handed, home and away.

Understanding My Family Better

All this occurrences and experiences was extremely challenging to my family, and I, the financial struggle, the anxiety and even depression grew a lot stronger on me, and one day I tried to come back to my senses and reviewed my life and my family.

I started connecting the dots, first was the episode that went on with my beloved wife, then my precious son and now myself, then there was a signal, there was a calling, it was clear that I had to research and study really hard and find the solution to this issue for my sake and my family sake

I was in shock to realize, that millions of people suffer and struggle with these terrible disorders, so just like you act when there is an emergency in the airplane, for instance, you first of all place your own mask before assisting someone else to put his or hers, and that is exactly what I did, I researched about the problem, some products that will get rid of them, and then I applied it to my family and me, a lot of things failed to work, actually there so much junk out there, for me it was really crazy and heartbreaking that people will play carelessly on another humans’ emotions just to make a quick bucks, it is sad but luckily for us, people like me are willing to share the primary solutions with my audience, because this is a terrible disease I do not wish anyone.

Blog that provide tools to overcome Anxiety

I continued to research this problem that haunted my family and me and discovered a whole lot about these disorders, found the correct products and applied them correctly to myself and my family and saw amazing results. That was when I decided to create Beatingmyanxiety.com.

Why? Because I perfectly understand and know what it means, how it feels like to suffer from terrible disorders like stress, anxiety, depression and SAD.

I am acutely aware that these disorders can stop its victims from thinking straight and make its victim tired of life to the extent of even committing suicide, I know that life becomes very miserable from the first day you experience any of these disorders, so I have decided to help you or your loved ones out by sharing with you what I know, and how my family and I overcame this deadly issue.

Honestly speaking, the world needs a lot more productive and well-researched people that live life to the fullest, please make it a duty, an obligation to learn, learn and learn some more, do not be like the ignorant me that left this problem to linger in my life for so long. You might be the victim or someone you know and care about.

Luckily for you I created this blog, learn for you and learn to assist others, once again you are welcome to my blog Beating My Anxiety and thank you so much for taking the time to be here, I assure you that you are helping to make this world a better place for everyone.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or any stories to share; you could be anonymous if you want to be private or tell us your name and even add a picture, I will put it on our blog, and best believe that it will help people with disorders a great deal by letting them know that they are not alone and that there is a valid solution for these annoying disorders.

I wish you, your family, and anyone you know that suffers these disorders and need help the absolute best and to comprehend that Life Is Amazingly Beautiful and together we can make things happen.



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